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Naked Revelations Review
Endorsement by Professor Matteo Neivert MHCC



Your art exhibition and jazz ensemble performance was amazing!!  The artwork is stunning and your performance brought musicians and visual artists together.  Gallery visitors have remarked on the beauty, history, diversity, and technique that your work encompasses. 


I knew when I visited your studio and saw your work in person that it had to be seen!  I wanted to thank you for trusting me to bring you here and offer you the show and space.  I know there were many things you did that were above and beyond what we usually do here.  Thanks for being patient and cordial with our staff.  It was an honor to host such a wonderful event.  You had the highest attendance for an art show at the MHCC gallery I have seen yet!


Thanks again and congrats on the great show!



A Joyful Note - Article
Our Town Community News

By Kathryn Sabella

Naked Revelations Exhibit
Mt Hood Community College

This solo exhibit covers Jon's long career as photographer and musician. With over eighty images, including a selection of his historic west coast jazz archive, this exhibit also included two batches of platinum/palladium prints made by Deshler over the last thirty years.

To help with his reception, Jon invited musician friends -

J. Jorgensen/bass, Rich Turnoy/piano, Marilyn Keller/vocals, and Laura Cunard/vocals, for what ended up being a lively and most successful reception for this Thursday mid-day artist reception.

Spring New Orleans 2016

Visiting New Orleans for the third time in as many years, for his eldest son's bassoon performance recital at Loyola, Jon again sat in all over the French Quarter. Of course he played with his son, Nathan, and Steamboat Willie (as Nathan is currently Steam's number one pianist).


In addition, Jon met fellow horn player and long time Nola resident and great jazz player - Larry Talerico, and Jon sat in with Larry a couple of times in the French Market and now has an open invitation. 

Jon sat in at Irwin Mayfield's for an afternoon jam with some youngsters, as well he played with a couple of bands on Frenchmen. Always the best music city in the country!

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