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As a life long musician/trumpet player, that in recent years has upgraded my engagement in the art form, and the business of music, I've decided to make my musician website, and here it is.

In the last two years I've augmented my group of musician friends and contacts in Oregon. I went to jam sessions consistently over time, and befriended some key folks. I've sat in with, hired, performed with many of the highest caliber musicians in the region, and it's been a joy and an education.

One thing that I consistently find, at this time, is that I have a tendency to under-rate my playing historically. With that in mind, and the very happy fact that for the first time in decades I am able to put in significant personal time and conditioning practice on the horn - an absolute must for any brass player really if you're going to try and operate at your highest potential. With all of that in mind, surrounded by my beautiful country setting, and consistently getting compliments in recent months from both audience members, as well as some very respected musicians that I certainly admire, that has warmed my heart and given me the support to continue and shoot for the sky.

I'd like to particularly thank J. Jorgensen, Henry Will, Laura Cunard, Laurent Nickol, Marylin Keller, George Mitchell, and of course Julianne Johnson-Weiss. All of you have helped me make a bridge, at 54 now, to my musician self, and I am truly grateful!

Please stay tuned, as I'm excited about some upcoming ideas and propositions.



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