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Abiqua Studio Jazz Trio Debut - Saturday Feb. 2nd @ 7:30pm DT Silverton @ Silverton's Wine Ba

This coming Saturday night I'm happy to announce the debut performance of my new Abiqua Studio Jazz Trio. This trio includes myself on trumpet and flugel, J. Jorgensen on bass, and Neil Grandstaff on guitar.

For those that know me, you'll understand that for sometime I've been on a quest for some musician collaborators that resonate. This one does, and logistically it's swinging too! Not a small aspect when one considers the logistics of what I'm trying to do in my area with my Abiqua Studio.

I've spent the last few years connecting and performing with many of Portland's finest, and have had a wonderful time and experience getting to know many, however, in my attempts to expand my own horizons, and nurture my own playing at this stage of my life, I've realized that I need steady playing opportunities, ideally in my under served area. To that end, I've been seeking collaborators that were available, experienced, local, and motivated in a similar way, and now I do believe that for the moment anyways, I've found them. I do hope you all come out to support!

In this process, it's become one of my missions to see about getting some of our live 20th Century music into the local rural schools. I've been to two separate local school district School Board Meetings recently, and I've reached out to local educators. Thankfully, one music teacher has responded with high interest and energy and I'm optimistic that this could be a very good start to a very good year and effort.

The mission of the Abiqua Studio is to provide a safe place in the countryside that nurtures humanity and the individual, with a global lens, through the study and practice of the ARTS, in a setting that is slightly removed from modern urban reality, where there is space.

To date, in addition to my musical endeavors in the area, I've also produced photography, prints, exhibits, and campaigns that are intended to enlighten and educate.

As a commercial photographer for over thirty years I've come to the conclusion that, whereas a good living is desirable, and commercialism can contribute to that cause, living good is a necessity for me moving forward. Prosperity of heart and soul are as important, or more important to me now at this stage of life, and I want to use my vast experience to help the youth of tomorrow learn how to be and grow. I've designed my reality out here with an eye on high potency and low overhead, to be able to make this contribution humbly, and with modest support by the way.

It is an interesting thing to consider one's path and intention, and the choices we make along the way. An artist, however, is always an artist. I believe as human beings we are all artists, because we have the capacity for consciousness and learning.

This is my cause.

Thank you for reading.



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